Vacuum Cleaning Carpet

Carpet Floor Cleaning Services in Hudson County, NJ

Make an excellent first impression with our carpet floor cleaning services in Hudson County, NJ. Since 1983, Dust-Busters has been the leading janitorial company in the area, offering full-scale floor and carpet cleaning solutions. From commercial and industrial to institutional and medical, we ensure that each premise we work on looks its best for employers and customers. 

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Floor Stripping and Waxing

During our floor stripping and waxing process, we vacuum the floors to ensure the dust does not settle on the surface. Sweeping the floor will distribute the dirt back into the air, which is why we use the following process:

  1. Vacuum floors to remove loose dust, dirt, and debris.
  2. Apply floor wax remover to the tiles.
  3. Use the low-speed machine to scrub floors, removing wax and dirt.
  4. Use a wet vacuum to remove the slurry produced by the low-speed machine.
  5. Mop twice to remove the remaining slurry and neutralize the floors before waxing.
  6. Apply five coats of wax (waiting for it to dry between each coat).

Regular Maintenance

All floors require regular care, which is why we offer top-notch commercial cleaning services. Our regular floor maintenance program provides floor buffing weekly to once every two months, depending on the traffic at the facility. To remove stains and improve aesthetics, our team follows the process below:

  1. Vacuum to remove loose dirt.
  2. Apply a floor wax rejuvenator via wet moping. 
  3. Use a high-speed polisher (2000 RPM) to polish the floor, ensuring it always looks its best.
Before Waxing
After Waxing
Before Stripping Waxing

Comprehensive Carpet Cleaning

Maintain a clean and welcoming environment at your business, facility, or hospital. As a leading institutional and office cleaning service provider, we use professional methods and tools for lightly soiled to heavily stained carpets. Our floor and carpet maintenance solutions include the following:

  • Bonnet Cleaning—Use a low-moisture pad to clean the carpet surface. This method produces the best results on surfaces that undergo regular maintenance and are not too dirty.
  • Steam/Extraction Cleaning—Spray hot water and a chemical solution onto the carpet, then vacuum to remove dirt and stains.
  • Rotary Shampooing—Eliminate dirt and stains by scrubbing the carpet surface with water.
  • Rotary Shampooing/Extraction Cleaning—Scrub the carpet to treat stains and traffic lanes before using steam extraction to remove residue. This method provides top-notch results on surfaces that have not been cleaned in a long time.